Who gives gambling advice and is it worth to listen to them?

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Among those from whom you can get advice in the field of gambling, there are casino employees, experienced players, real experts, and scammers. Before you use the recommendations of advisers, it is best to think if an advice is really helpful.
It is impossible to achieve high results without learning and improving skills in online casinos. It is great if you have a mentor or professional who can answer questions and suggest the right solutions to different situations. But when you choose a teacher you need to remember that many people consider themselves to be great professionals, but they have never reached any significant results. Of course, there are smart people who can tell how to become professional. In general, such specialists are divided into several categories.
Croupiers and managers are people who were employees of casinos and they know the basics and secrets of their business, but this does not mean that they know how to play perfectly. And some croupiers will not be able to explain the strategy of playing roulette or blackjack at all. Yes, they know the rules, but they do not necessarily understand the theory of probability when playing roulette and they may not be able to calculate the profitability of the bet. There is also a misconception that such people know a lot of casino secrets, prize-winning algorithms, etc.
Those people who can tell you many interesting things are players who have visited the casino for more than one year. Yes, such persons can perfectly know the organizational work of a casino, the style of communication, etc. But this does not make him a high-class player. Long-term experience is not enough to be a cool player.
Some merchants offer various strategies, systems, and programs for automatically calculating a successful game in a casino. Such people should be seriously wary of. Besides the fact that they will take money for their “goods”, they can still hack the player’s computer through installed software, for example. As a result, they can get access to your casino account.