Why is it important to play online casino only from your computer?

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Without money, there is no excitement. But there is always a chance to lose your money even if you win casino. For example, stealers can steal money by using access to your account. To prevent this, it is important to play only from your own computer.
Security related to online casinos has long been discussed on the internet. This is because users trust big money to the casinos.
How to protect yourself from thieves?
All casinos claim that their security systems are no worse than banking systems and attackers will not get through.
Players receive a login and password, which are keys to access the personal account. If this data falls into the hands of dishonest people who can use it and enter the account, then players lose everything. An uninvited guest can lose all the money in the account for his own pleasure, or he can simply withdraw it.
One of the easiest and at the same time the most frequent chance to hack accounts is to play using someone else’s computer. In a short time, a player can log into the account by using a computer connected to the internal network with shared access. And even worse, being in a hotel or internet club, a player opens access to his accounts for dozens of visitors and administrators of these computers. Maybe the next client of the Internet club will not transfer money to themselves, but a few people will do it.
On the one hand, this is too banal caution. On the other hand, if there is at least a minimal chance of losing your money, you should do everything to keep your account safe. By the way, if the hacked account occurs through the fault of the security service of an online casino, then they fully compensate all the money. But if it is proved that an account was hacked due to the fault of a player, then you will not get any compensation.
So you do not have to risk even if you want to play exactly at that moment.